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How To Pick Kid’s Room Furniture That They’ll Love?


Decorating your kid’s bedroom can be a challenging process because you need to take into consideration their wishes and demands. It’s either you like it, and they don’t, or they outgrow so fast, and neither of you can enjoy the space you created.

In the last couple of years, furniture manufacturers put a lot of effort into making versatile pieces that are unique, but also appealing. If you don’t know how to assemble everything and you are struggling to choose the appropriate furniture, then we have a couple of tips that you will find useful.

Strat from a budget

Unfortunately, money is the driving force, and it will determine the type of furniture you will get. However, the price range is quite acceptable, and you can choose from inexpensive to expensive one. In this case, you should decide who much money you are planning to spend on your kid’s room, but also don’t forget about shipping and handling.


Hire price furniture shops may offer you a discount and free shipping. But, you should explore various options and compare the price before you make a final step.

Get your kid’s opinion

Unless you are decorating a nursery, children older than three can tell you want they like and what they don’t. This doesn’t mean you should let them choose the wall color, window treatment or flooring, but they can help you with the selection of furniture.

You should ask them how do they imagine their bedroom. For ease of conversation, pick a theme, colors and present them with a couple of ideas and then have them chose from your options.

If you can’t find any suitable idea, then you should resort to the internet. Open a couple of pages and talk to your kids about the things they like.

Versatility for longevity

Buying children’s furniture is slightly different than purchasing adult furniture. Kids tend to grow fast, and you should make some crucial decision before you make initial changes. For instance, you can pay a higher amount for furniture that can take a child from a crib into pre-teen years.


However, you also have other alternatives; for instance, you can buy furniture pieces at each stage in your child’s growth. However, this solution may require changes in décor and more money. In this case you should choose furniture that can get your kids through teen years and then think about replacement.

Make it fun

Kid’s bedroom is probably the only place where you can explore your creativity. It’s OK not to play by the decorative rules. For example, if your kids love vibrant colors, then help them find their math. You can infuse decorative beddings, area rugs and match lighting fixtures.

On the other hand, if your children like calmer shades, then consider painting the room into neutral tones. If you are looking for the way to save money, then you should look into online classified or garage sales. You can always paint the furniture and provide a new appearance for their room.

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