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Four Tips For Decorating A Beautiful Bedroom

Four Tips For Decorating A Beautiful BedroomBeautiful Bedroom

The bedroom should be your personal getaway, a sanctuary where you rest after long working hours, and a place where you will express your feeling, favorite colors, and collection.

In this case, you don’t only have to pay attention to paint, furniture, and carpets, but also the type of mattress and cushions you will choose, especially if you suffer from back pain. You can read more about a cushion for back pain in this article.

Therefore, we are going to help you with some basic rules when it comes to bedroom decoration.

Go for timid colors

Instead of selecting bold and vivid colors, go for a restful palette and soothing shades, or so-called monochromatic tones. Gentle hues of green, lavender, or green are serene and calm and will have a positive effect on your mental condition.

black And White Bedroom
Nice Bedroom With Beautiful Colors

Alternatively, you could include colors such as topaz, deep pomegranate, or toasty browns, but the main rule would be to use pastel shades of your favorite colors. After all, you don’t need tones that will wreak chaos in your mind and make you anxious.

Don’t forget about the ceiling

Keep in mind that the ceiling is the fifth wall in your room, so when lying in bed, do you see a blank, bland surface? If your answer is yes, then it’s time to change something about it.

You could paint the ceiling in a soft color, a slightly lighter than the wall color.

In this case, you will lower down the ceiling and give your space a feeling of intimacy and comfort. Another solution would be to add moldings or apply decorative paint treatments, which provide sensuality or improve the design of the entire room.

Keep things simple

When decorating a bedroom, you should remember that less is more. By only using a couple of items, you can achieve simple and cozy, but at the same time sophisticated and elegant design. When organizing furniture, make sure to leave at least two feet between low furniture and bed.

Additionally, furnish this space only with stuff you will need. For example, bed, bedside table, chair, and a dresser are necessities; anything else is clutter.

New Bedroom In Home
Best Design For New Bedroom

When it comes to accessories, you should keep things to a minimum. You could select some beautiful artwork and hand it above your bed, along with some family photos.

Pick the right size of furniture

When you are ready to purchase furniture, start with a floor plan and have all the measures in place. If you have a small bedroom, don’t choose a large, heavy bed with a massive dresser. On the other hand, if the ceiling is high, then you could buy a bed with a tall headboard to visually decrease the space.

When it comes to larger bedrooms, you should choose furniture that fits as well; otherwise, you will have too much empty space. In this case, you could place an ottoman or a chair at the end of the bed and a couple of accessories that will complement your room.

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