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10 Step Stool For Kids And Toddlers That Fold Flat To Get Into Bed


Sometimes, kids need help to get into bed because the bed frame is quite high for them so that it is a bit difficult to step up. Therefore, providing step stool for kids can be more than just a little help for them. But, it can be the sign that you do care about them and they can appreciate you more.

But, before you head out to the store and buy a step stool for kids, you should check whether it complies all safety regulations. Kids are often clumsy; they like to run and aren’t concerned for their safety. As a parent, it’s your job to get them safe and reliable stool.Here is our collection of step stools that you can use for kids, toddlers and even for adults.

Black Plastic Folding Step Stool For Kids 11-Inch, Jeronic

Well, it is constructed from plastic. But you might be surprised that the quality is high enough that even makes it can hold more than 300 pounds of weight capacity. It means that it can be useful for adults too. This one of step stool for kids can even provide you extra height and you can fold it to store it easily when it is not in use. The handle is durable to make this step stool portable so you and your kids can bring it wherever you want.


Plans For A Step Stool with Green Foldable Adult and Kids Design 13-Inch, Home-it

This is a foldable step stool that can be easily opened with one flip of your hand. Your kids can carry it to anywhere with its easy-to-grip handle. Its design is quite safe for kids. This stool comes with green for a fresh color and the dots so they wouldn’t slip. You can even use it for any room such as bathroom, kitchen and bedroom if you don’t want to have plans for a step stool.

Tall Black Step Stool Lightweight Folding, Kikkerland

This step stool lightweight folding comes in another color option that is white. The steep stool is foldable with the anti slip rubber feet for a safely use. The design is stronger and more durable than before. It has handle so your kids can carry it as they want. The compact design allows you to store it super easily. It can be used for adults because its weight capacity can go for more than 400 pounds.

Folding Step Stool High Quality, WalterDrake

This folding step stool high quality is very stable and stands upright for your option. It folds flat and it has sturdy design. It is constructed from plastic and it has built-in handle for its portability. The top surface has skid-resistant feature and it is only recommended to be used with the height capacity for more than 250 pounds. Store it easily by folding it and it is available in black too.

11-Inch Heavy-Duty Folding Step Stool To Get Into Bed And Work By Kitch N’ Wares

We must admit that the design for this step stool to get into bed is convenient with the foldable feature for its compact design so you can store it easily to save more space in your home. It is constructed from heavy duty construction to give you high durability and it can support weight capacity even more than 300 pounds. It is not easy to break of course.

Kids can even use it safely because it has anti-slip rubber on its surface to give ultimate foot grip so there shouldn’t be any slippage with the skid resistant top and feet. The foldable feature is completed with portable design because you can fold it flat and use the plastic handle to transfer it for its portability.

Red B & R Folding Step Stool E-Z, B & R Plastics

Kids can use this b & r folding step stool safely and comfortably because it is completed with textured pattern for its stepping surface. This can be helpful to prevent feet and footwear from slipping. The handle is integrated so kids can carry it once it is folded. The step stool is constructed from red plastic that is quite durable and lightweight. The collapsible design makes you store it easily when it is not in use. Each of the four corner has non slip rubber disk so the step stool is stable and securely in place on any surfaces.

Educational Steep Stool That Folds Flat 11-Inch, Superior Performance

When we are talking about step stool that folds flat, what we must get is the light weight design, easy portability with the built-in handle, compact design for heavy-duty performance and ideal for kids. You can find them all in this item.

This is designed with anti-slip dots so kids can use it safely. The carry handle has convenient design that even kids can carry it anywhere comfortably. The stool is also designed for adults because it can hold weight for more than 300 lbs. through its lightweight design.

Folding 1 Step Stool 15-Inch With Anti Slip Dots, Superior Performance

This is a space-saving folding 1 step stool that is very sturdy and solid which can support you to get 15-inch of height. The built-in handle can be used to carry it wherever you and your kids want. It comes with foldable feature so you can fold it flat when it is not in use and stores it easily. It also has anti slip dots for its safety feature to give you high traction.

Black Plastic 1 Step Stool Foldable Design For Kids And Adult, Epica

This plastic 1 step stool is designed with super strong and heavy grade material to support even more than 350 lbs. of weight capacity. The built-in handle allows you to easily carry it even kids can carry it. It folds flat and it is light enough for kids to carry it comfortably for their needs. Because the foldable design, it wouldn’t take much space in your home. Fold it and store it in any area that you need this step stool. In addition, there is non-slip surface with the large and textured discs to give better traction.

Step Stool For Toddlers And Adults 11-Inch Foldable And Super Strong, Greenco

This is our last option for step stool for toddlers in this collection. Unlike the previous options, it comes with several colors such as black, green, red or white.


This super strong step stool is designed for kids and adults with the weight capacity for more than 300 pounds. The design is practical and you can fold it to save your small space. Once you pull up the handle and push its sides, it folds flat. The durable carrying handle allows you to carry it wherever you need and it provides you extra height to your kitchen, dining room, bathroom and any rooms that you need step stool.The rubber polka dots on its surface can give extra safety feature because it wouldn’t let you slipping and it gives you maximum grip with stylish design.



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