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How safe your locks are?

Imagine this. You have planned vacation. After many hours of hard work, you finally found a time for holiday and destination where to go. Everything looks well. You had found a place to stay, you booked your ticket, arrange all the things that was necessary. Finally, you on your deserved break. You are there enjoying. Everything seems to be in order and you feel like your batteries are fully charged. But wait? Is it? There is one thing which managed to be the same, from a long past history to the present days – robbery. The only thing that is different in fact that in this time burglars are more equipped than ever. And while you are there enjoying, there could easily go into your house, and take your belongings. So, now when you know how equipped they are, the only question is, how equipped are you?

This is just one scenario which should bring idea about home security much closer to you. In this days, things are more unpredictable that they were any time in the past. At least when it comes about home security.

Who are we?

Tyne tees locks is family business who managed to distinguish itself as a reliable locksmith service which can upgrade, improve, and secure your locks. We are located in the northeast part of the Newcastle, and we are proud of the fact that we are local firm and part of the community. Our service is up to the standards in locksmith business and we are hoping that you will consider us as a trustworthy for each problem that you have with your locks. We don’t offer are service, we offer a much more. If you need advice about which locks should be the best choice for you, we will provide it. If you looking for a best solution for your problems, we will provide it. Whatever your question may be we will prove answer.

Why us?

Our customer service is working each day 24 hours a week. Which means that we are completely dedicated to our customers. Each call to the customer service is free and won’t be charged. In the range of 30 minutes, after yours call, we will come to you. This cover each part of the Newcastle.

In order to ensure the trust of our customers, we offer a one year of guarantee for are services. Also, we will bring 3 options about prices when that is possible, and give you full perspective about best locks choice for you.  We are offering a long range of services including UPVC windows and doors, lock fitting, lock repair and, of course, lock upgrades. Our services are equally oriented to domestic or commercial clients. Are employees are, as professional as they are friendly and we all are at your service. So if you have any looks to be fixed, don’t hesitate to call us. Our number is 0191 438 6595.

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