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10 Children’s Sofa Sleeper And Open Sofa Options For Bedroom And Room Corner


If you are dealing with small space, or your kids are sharing the bedroom, then sofa sleepers can be an excellent solution. You can purchase foldable sofas, in this way, besides sleeping, your kids can use this type of furniture a sitting set. They will have enough room to play and host their friends.


Here are our 10 options in our best collection for sofa beds for children’s bedroom with the high-rated stars from buyers. We do hope that you find the right one to make it as a special gift for children. These sofas are designed as open sofa and sofa sleeper that you can use in any rooms such as children’s room, room corner and playroom.

Children’s Sofas and Armchairs Flip Open with Hello Kitty Picture, Marshmallow Furniture

Let your children sit, flip and play with this one of children’s sofas and armchairs. It comes with Hello Kitty themed and you can transform it from a couch to lounger. It means that you don’t have to purchase any couch or lounger since it works both. This sofa is designed from soft and lightweight foam with its high durability. It is so comfortable with the rest areas. The flip open design allows kids to pick up and move it easily.

The safety lock zipper helps you to protect your lovely little girl features removable and machine washable slipcover to keep it clean.This flip open sofa even can be an ideal option for children up to 18 months and it is constructed from 100% polyester with 100% P U Foam.

Flip Open Sofa Bed For Children’s Room with Minnies Bow-Tique, Marshmallow Furniture

Take this option if your children love Minnies. It is perfect for young children with the design of 2-in-1 flip open sofa design that you can convert to a lounger. It is also available in other preschool characters such as Spiderman and this sofa bed for children’s room is perfect for lounging, sitting and playing. The slip cover is removable and machine washable and it has safety locking zipper to make it safe for children. Just slide the paper clip through its opening if you want to un-zip the cover and to unlock, pull it upwards and slide it to unzip.

Children’s Flip Out Sofa Bed with Disney Cars 2, Marshmallow Furniture

This is a soft plush children’s flip out sofa bed that children can use as flip open lounger. It is available in cars themed design that is perfect for your little boy. You can remove the slip cover and it is machine washable. The cover is completed with safety locking zipper for your children protection.

Children’s Flip Sofa Bed Elmo Theme Flip Open Design, Marshmallow Furniture

As you see, it’s a children’s flip sofa bed for those who love Elmo. This sofa plush is designed for children and it has flip open lounger to complete them. It is the ideal option for children to play, sit and lounge. As other models, its slip cover is machine washable so you can remove it to clean when it gets dirty.

Children’s Flip Open Sofa Bed With Micky Mouse Themed, Marshmallow Furniture

It works for you who want to give your children a children’s flip open sofa bed that is easy to clean. Once it gets dirty, you can remove the slip cover and wash it with washing machine. Besides, it can be a nice addition to girls or boys’ room with the cute Micky Mouse themed for a fun look. This sofa plus sofa is specially designed for children with the flip open lounger design to complete their fun days.

Children’s Small Sofa Bed Flip Open Sofa Design with Jake and The Neverland Pirates Themed, Marshmallow Furniture

This can be a nice option if you need a pirate-themed furniture to complete your children’s’ room. Let them use this to play their imagination and explore their fun time. This sofa plush can be the way for them to have safe play and even you can use it for their seats and lounger. This sofa is also easy to care because the slip cover is removable and machine washable. It is a perfect children’s small sofa bed with the functional foam for its durability.

Children’s Corner Sofa Bed Retro Flip Open Design with Ninja Turtles Themed, Marshmallow

Children love playing and running here and there. But, when they have this children’s corner sofa bed, they can play ninja and use this sofa as their base camp. This sofa is designed as 2-in-1. They can use it as a sofa for the corner and they can flip it as a lounger. They can sleep, sit and play on it. The design is supported with functional foam so it is more than just adding fun touch to their room. It is also easy to clean and has high durability. You can keep the sofa in a great condition because the machine washable slipcover.

Sofa For Children’s Room Disney Frozen Flip Open Design, Marshmallow Furniture

Elsa or Anna, your children perhaps is the fans of Frozen. This movie was pretty good with its huge popularity. Your children might love singing the song “Let It Go” in this movie. If so, make them happy by adding this open sofa to their room. It is a perfect addition as sofa for children’s room with the flip open design that you can convert the sofa into a lounger. It is also durable and easy to take care. If you want to clean it, remove the slip cover because the slip cover is machine washable.


Childrens Foam Sofa Bed Spiderman-Themed Flip Open Sofa, Marshmallow Furniture

Do your children love Spiderman? Take a look, this open sofa is called as childrens foam sofa bed and it is constructed from 1 percent of paper pkg, 46% of fabric and the rest is made of foam. It is a soft plush sofa that is designed to complete your children’s’ room and they can use it for playing, sitting or lounging. It is designed with removable slip cover and it is machine washable so you can clean the cover anytime you need.

Children’s Flip Open Sofa with Paw Patrol-Themed, Marshmallow Furniture

This is a comfortable Children’s Flip Open Sofa that your children can sit, play and flip with this open sofa. You can help them to use this children’s flip open sofa as a lounger if they don’t want to use it as a couch. It is made of soft and durable lightweight foam to make it comfortable, easy to clean but in high durability. It also works for children for more than 18 months. To clean, use mild soap and water.Those are all what we can give to you for 10 options of sofa beds for children’s bedroom in our collection. Hope this can help you out!

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